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Offering financial management customized to your needs.

Comprehensive Financial Management

We offer all aspects of financial management customized to clients’ specific needs and circumstances. With Abel Financial, you don’t just get a financial plan. You get a financial strategy. You can choose to sign on for any or all of our services, which include:

Cash flow management

Personalized Bookkeeping – banking and bill payment

Planning for college

Risk management

Investment advice

Retirement Planning

Caring for Aging Parents

Strategies to minimize tax liabilities

Estate planning and administration

What Sets Us Apart

Our Investment Philosophy

There is no crystal ball to predict the ups and downs of the market. And yet we are very much aware that timing the market — whether the market is up or down when you buy and sell — can make a huge difference in investment returns. We independently research, analyze, and evaluate the universe of financial products to find the best fit for you. We further customize our recommendations based on each client’s specific risk tolerance, investment goals and needs for liquidity.

Our philosophy is simple: We believe that if your portfolio is diversified, you stay in the market long enough, and you strategically monitor both the movement and composition of your portfolio, you have a strong probability of being able to take advantage of the growth in market value over time.

Investment Management Strategy

For larger portfolios or whenever applicable, we may recommend separately managed accounts (SMAs) overseen by professional asset managers. If SMAs are not appropriate, we customize clients’ portfolios using mostly Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and by positioning assets to mitigate the need to sell when it may be detrimental. We ensure that any short term cash needs can be met by having portfolios include cash reserves or short term fixed income instruments.

Integration of Tax Implications with Financial Advice

At every level of our consulting service, we consider the potential tax consequences of financial transactions — an easily overlooked but crucial part of building a solid financial strategy. This integration allows us to manage and minimize potential tax liabilities.

Client Service

Our focus is on quality of service rather than quantity of clients. Clients appreciate the value added from our prompt, courteous and individualized attention.

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