Rita Abel, CPA

Rita Abel, CPA is a partner with Abel Financial Management (AFM) and together we work to help our clients make smart decisions about their money.

What We Do

As CPA partners we provide tax guidance, tax projections, and tax preparation to AFM clients. This allows us not only to design, but also to implement a holistic and coordinated financial management strategy.

Our mutual clients benefit from the fact that comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and tax consequences are all considered, customized to each one’s needs, and then actually implemented according to the plan and continually monitored.

As much as we do partner with AFM, our client base is not limited to AFM clients. In addition to our individual income tax practice, we also provide:


Business consulting for start-up businesses to include: Choice of entity, accounting system set up, required initial federal and state governmental filings and licensing.


Comprehensive Payroll processing, including electronic filings of payroll tax liabilities and payroll governmental reporting.


General Leger accounting and bookkeeping to assure accurate recording of business transactions.


All required business tax preparation and filings, to include sales, payroll taxes, personal property, and income tax returns.

More Than an Accounting Firm

We understand that small business owners need dependable financial guidance from a trusted CPA firm in order to be successful in today’s economy. Our special niche is providing these services to business entrepreneurs, so they may be free to spend their time doing what they do best- growing their businesses and making it profitable.

At Rita Abel, CPA, you get more than just an accounting firm, you will get a true partner who will learn about your business, assess your needs, and then customize our services to satisfy those needs. Our mission is to strengthen the foundation that will ultimately help you succeed.

For non-business clients, in addition to work related to individual income tax matters, we also provide the following services:


Estate administration and estate tax preparation.


Trust accounting and trust income tax preparation.


Bookkeeping/record keeping/electronic bill payments for family offices and for individuals (as in a case of elderly who need assistance in executing those tasks for themselves).

Our Promise to You

We pride ourselves on our work ethic. We make sure that our record keeping is compliant with tax laws and regulations, and can be supported if ever questioned by any taxing authorities. Even if rare, audits do occur.

We stand behind what we deliver and are able to represent our clients in front of the IFtS or state taxing authorities to negotiate an equitable resolution. As CPAs, we are also licensed to represent those for whom our firm did not prepare an audited return.

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